Full Insight Mr. Eight

1. Why is the brand called Mr. Eight?

I always wanted to include the word MISTER in the name of the brand that I would

develop for men, to give it a touch of masculinity and distinction. As for the EIGHT,

well the number eight is my favorite number, my lucky number, date of birth,

infinity, and in my opinion the most aesthetic number. It was most logical name to

call the brand that I always dreamed of .


2. Tell us a little about yourself. Who you are? What did you study? Your favorite brands? What inspires you to create?

Well my name is Andres Gasque and I was born in Merida, Yucatan. At 18 I went to

study an international business career at Tec de Monterrey, then a senior

management expertise in the School of Commerce in Paris and finally an associate

degree in fashion design at Parsons New York. I always had a passion for fashion

and now I find myself designing for the brand that bears my name in which I make

custom design for both men and women, and I am also in charge of MR. EIGHT, my

ready-to- wear project. We started with swimsuits to establish a mood, but the idea

is to expand and cover all aspects of the lifestyle of modern man, and eventually

the women and children too; respectively developing the brands: MS. EIGHT

My favorite brands to wear are: Uniqlo and Club Monaco, and designers who I

admire and love their style: Giambattista Valli and Alber Elbaz.

Saying that inspiration comes from anywere is a cliché, but it's a little true. I'm

always aware of what's happening around me and around the world to seek for

new ideas. Particularly in my case, my main sources of inspiration are two: The

client for whom I will be designing, because there is no better starting point for the

design process than the person who will be using it, and the second is music.

Nothing makes me happier than driving alone in my car with music blaring and

giving free rein to my imagination, I can say without a doubt that´s my most

productive time!


3. Where do you produce your products?

We do all the production of MR. EIGHT here in Merida. I think we have an excellent

workmanship specialized for the needs of MR. EIGHT. The brand is proudly

Mexican and the plan is to stay this way forever. From design and conception of

each idea to the production of each of the materials and of the final product,

through all stages of the creative and manufacturing process to reach the final

customer, absolutely everything is done in Yucatan.


4. Tell us a little about the prints? Where did you get the inspiration from?

The prints are all personally designed by me. The whole idea of ​​MR. EIGHT was

born as a result of not finding good swimsuits with cool prints. I went through all

bathing suit brands I could imagine until I decided to create MR. EIGHT. We

currently have 3 collections: Marine animals, solids, and Genoa. For the collection

of marine animals I chose 3 animals that are usually forgotten and named them

"Jack" the starfish,"Tyler" the medusa and "Henry" the seahorse. For the solids, the

inspiration was the client, as there are people who are more conservative and

classic, the selection of color was based on the lifestyle of this man. Finally the

Genoa collection are paintings by Carlos Genoa that we capture on canvas to create

some spectacular prints and super ad hoc with the philosophy of the brand. We It

It is currently already designed the collection that will draw early next year with

the nautical theme in which, as in the collection of marine animals, I created 3 very

special characters who you will meet at its time.


5. What makes MR. EIGHT different from others?

MR. EIGHT is a brand developed thinking about who will use it. The brand is

designed from the point of what we want to achieve, meaning what we want it for?

And from there we went back to how we want it? To finally were do we want to

go? In our case we started establishing that our brand would be created so that our

customers could create and live unique and unforgettable experiences enjoying the

lifestyle they love. Our product is created by combining tradition and manual work,

with the highest technology and quality materials, which brings us to what? And

the answer is unique bathing suits and good quality that look good and feel good.

We believe this philosophy, together with our original designs and tailored fit,

make MR. EIGHT the ideal brand for the modern man. And as I always say, MR.

EIGHT does not sell swimsuits, MR. EIGHT sells fun, and that is our differentiator!


6. Describe Mr. Eight´s bathing suits with 5 words.

Cool, fun, stylish, comfortable and unique.


7. Top 3 hot spots in Merida and Progreso

July and August are the months to be in progreso, a beautiful and fun beach near

Merida. You can not miss a friday in Rue 21 or saturday in the sea
watching the boat races. In Merida the rest of the year you have to go to Esvedra,
La Gloria, Bryan's or to La Negrita.