Tuukul: Imagine in Maya from Yucatan

What Is Tuukul?

We search for the different, for the unique, for the coolest. We intend to find that je ne seis quoi that transforms an object into a must have. With a clear focus for the special, Tuukul hunts for trends and makes them instantly available, just a click away, to those who tirelessly look for the most cutting edge and fashion forward articles.

 We are an online concept store that offers a wide range of products from all around the world that has been professionally curated by fashion, interior design, and art experts. Our team, obsessed with originality and functionality, offers a unique vision, created after years of experience in the design world.

 Tuukul is much more than a shopping website: it dares the costumer to create his or her own style, to search beyond a brand to find true quality. This is… Too cool.

 Who Is Part of Tuukul?

 Martha Balcarcel

Mexican, mother of 2 girls, with over 19 years in the fashion commercialization world, Martha weaved the success of brands like Chanel and Ralph Lauren in Mexico, and helped consolidate the retail strategy for Saks Fifth Avenue in its first opening in a Latin-American market. Passionate about fashion, sophisticated by a twist of faith, she has a trained radar for trends. Her refined eye has been appreciated by editorial houses as well as by international luxury brands. Martha has that passion that is perceived beyond the senses. Martha is… Too cool.

 Jessica Daniel

Mexican, mother of 3 girls, passionate about communication, fashion and design, Jessica is a firm believer that there are no limits for imagination, and this is why she has been part of many entrepreneurial projects focused on trends and for different markets. It was while working with kids in one of these projects that she discovered that creativity should be exploited to its highest potential. Lover of luxury, she knows a product goes beyond a brand, and that, nowadays, style is defined by personality: objects on their own lose their meaning. Jessica is… Too cool.

 Paola Díaz Lombardo

Mexican, Fashion and Textile Design student at Universidad Centro, passionate about design, art, and, why not, shopping. Paola pursued a Fashion Styling course at Instituto Marangoni in Milan, and later did an internship at Dolce&Gabbana Mexico, where she discovered her deep interest for fashion retail. With a great love for her country, she decided to jump head in to this fresh and innovative project because she believes there is plenty potential in e-commerce in Mexico, Paola is… Too cool.